March 4, 2024. Version 2.01 released.
1. JPG links that end with parameters are now supported. Previously only Google Drive links ending in parameters were supported. This is an important feature since there are various other services that provide free JPG hosting and some of them likely use direct links that include parameters.

2. The input screen now includes a button that will add the specification for two sample maps to the input box. You can use those maps to help learn the interface. Those maps are hosted on the mappingsupport server.

2. The 'Clear screen' feature now lets you remove any black rectangles from the screen.

March 2, 2024. Version 2.00 released.
This is the first 'real' version. One reason why it took so long to go from v1 to v2 is that I kept get sidetracked by other projects.

January, 2022. Initial launch as version 1.056
Looking back, I think of this as a proof-of-concept version.