• Offline web maps work on both iOS and Android.
  • No ads. No trackers.
  • Maps can show federal basemap + multiple GIS layers.
  • GeoJPG software is a web page that works offline.
  • Use JPGs we provide or make your own georeferenced JPGs with GISsurfer.com.
  • Includes Geolocation.
  • Except for news media, non-commercial use only!
  • Addresses provided for ~3,000+ government ArcGIS servers.

October 18, 2022 update. The current production code for GeoJPG is version 1.056. That version turned out to be more in the nature of a proof-of-concept. Since then I have learned a ton and am working on GeoJPG version 2.

The core features in GeoJPG v2 beta are working fine. I can install georeferenced JPGs on my phone and view them offline with a geolocation symbol showing my position as I move. However there still are some additional features to finish coding and I need to complete the documentation.

Meanwhile, I have decided to go ahead and release the next major update to GISsurfer. This will happen before the end of the month. The biggest impact new feature in GISsurfer version 3 is the ability to make georeferenced screenshots. You will be able to view those screenshots offline once GeoJPG v2 is finished and released.

Below you see an example of a georeferenced JPG that was made with GISsurfer. This JPG consists of two screenshots that were stitched together.