• Offline web maps work on both iOS and Android.
  • No ads. No trackers.
  • Each map made from federal basemap + multiple GIS layers.
  • A few taps will install a GeoJPG map in your browser.
  • Use JPGs we provide or make your own georeferenced JPGs with GISsurfer.com.
  • Includes Geolocation.
  • Except for news media, non-commercial use only!
  • Addresses provided for ~3,500 government ArcGIS servers.

April 10, 2022 update. Currently the production code for GeoJPG is version 1.056. GeoJPG version 2 will be released this summer. There will be significant changes to the interface that will make it much easier for anyone to use their own georeferenced JPGs. This next version of GeoJPG will be released together with GISsurfer version 3. That version of GISsurfer will let anyone make georeferenced JPGs that can show almost any GIS data and that can be displayed offline with GeoJPG.

Below you see a 'live' example of a GeoJPG map that covers a relatively small area. Use the zoom control in the lower left corner to zoom out on this example map and you will quickly see the edge of the georeferenced JPG image. This small example map is part of a georeferenced JPG image that covers 300+ square miles and has a file size of about 8MB.